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At Lippert Law, LLC, we believe in standing by your side when you need us most. Every case is unique and every client is an individual – we’re committed to understanding your personal journey and guiding you with expertise, care, and dedication.

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About Lippert Law, LLC

Lippert Law, LLC is a distinguished legal firm providing a wide array of services to clients seeking knowledgeable, tailored, and compassionate representation. Our ethos is rooted in trust, transparency, and tenacity, ensuring that every client feels seen, heard, and represented at the highest level.

Our Services:

From navigating the complexities of criminal law to guiding you through the intricacies of estate planning, our team is well-equipped to handle your legal needs with precision and empathy. 

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Proudly Serving Multiple Locations

We’re deeply rooted in our community and are proud to extend our services across various locations. Clients can count on Lippert Law, LLC in:

  • Guernsey
  • Noble
  • Monroe
  • Jefferson
  • Muskingum
  • Harrison
  • Washington
  • Coshocton
  • Morgan


Let Lippert Law, LLC be your partner in navigating legal challenges, no matter where you are in our service area.

Types of Law

Services We Provide

Lippert Law, LLC delivers a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to the unique needs of each client. From defending individual rights in criminal law cases and providing robust representation for OVI-related concerns, to navigating the intricate realms of custody & divorce, civil protection orders, and estate planning, our firm also empowers businesses with astute business and corporate legal counsel. Trust in our expertise and dedication, ensuring every legal challenge is addressed with precision and compassion.

Criminal Law

Defend your rights with a team that knows the system inside and out.

Civil Protection Orders

Safeguarding your personal boundaries with robust legal action.

Custody & Divorce

Advocacy and guidance during life’s challenging transitions.


Providing crucial support and representation for OVI-related concerns.

Business & Corporate

Empowering businesses with insightful legal counsel.

Estate Planning

Crafting secure futures for you and your loved ones.


Client Reviews

Dakota W.

Thank you for entrusting your case to me, Dakota!


Client Reviews

Nah’zaray J.

Wouldn’t want my life in any one else’s hands literally did the unthinkable and gave me my freedom


Client Reviews

Mike D.

Very good, hardest working public defender in the Cambridge Ohio area. Thank you so much for your hard work..


Client Reviews

Shawn D.

One of the best at what he does, I couldn’t of asked for better representation and 100% would call upon him if need legal help again


Client Reviews

Anita D.

Mr. Lippert was fair and worked hard on our cast. I found him to be honest and available for questions and concerns He kept you informed and was easy to communicate with. He definitely eased our mind and worked very hard to get good results.


Client Reviews

Toni V.

Mr. Lippert Immediately was there to help when I needed him . He handled my custody cases very efficient and got the job done . At any time I needed help or had questions he was always available and quick to help answer any questions or concerns at a high Level of professionalism . I highly recommend Mr. Lippert ! Also Mr .Lippert is a man of his word & great at what he does.

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About our team

At Lippert Law, LLC, our lawyers are more than just legal professionals; they are dedicated advocates passionate about upholding justice and client rights. With a rich blend of experience, keen insight, and a relentless commitment to excellence, each attorney brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. Our team is constantly staying abreast of evolving legal landscapes, ensuring that every client receives representation that’s both current and comprehensive. Rooted in a culture of empathy, collaboration, and integrity, our lawyers tirelessly work to not just meet, but exceed client expectations, forging lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.